Desk Make Over!

About a year ago I was able to score this amazing desk. 
It needs some intense love. 
My neighbor was throwing it out/putting a "Free" sign on it one morning 
when I was leaving to work. I slammed on my breaks got out of may car
and took the desk home. 

I have been wanting a desk like this for YEARS. I went through a phase where I would 
stalk for days looking for one. I had pretty much 
given up when I came across this one! 
It hasn't been taken care very well and has some pieces coming off 
along with water damage. I was pretty heartbroken when I opened it and saw the broken mirrors.

It will take some time to restore all of it and I am going back and forth with my choice as far as color. I am leaning towards black. I spent about 2 hours sanding it on Sunday and plan on dedicating more time to it tomorrow. I am sure it will take a few weekends of love and sweat, but it will totally be worth it when I have a beautiful vanity for our new place. 

I am so glad it is Friday! I can not wait to go home and spend my weekend working on my desk, catching Pokemon, drinking tequila and eating tacos at the beach. 


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