Weekly Wishes 7

This weekend was exactly what I needed. My little guy turned one on Friday. We had a birthday breakfast at home for him before Kai and I went to work. It was so nice to spend the morning together celebrating our boy. Later in the evening we went out for pizza and cake with his godparents. It was fun and happy times until he pooped all over me and ruined a perfectly good sweater. Oh the joy's of parenthood. 

Goal setting is definitely a priority this summer. There a ton of projects I want to accomplish so my weekly list should help with that! 

Last weeks Goals:
1.   Blog more.  I did blog one more time last week and worked on a few different posts for the next few weeks. So I would say I did accomplish this!  

  2. Organize. Yes! I made a budget and listed the decorations i have left to make/purchase. Now I just need a day of schedule and to actually get the goods I ordered in so I can finish making the decor! 

3. Snail Mail.  Nope. I was unable to get to this, however I plan to get the fathers day cards out by tomorrow.  

My Goals this week:
1.   Put together birthday decor.  I need to make tissue poms, birthday hats & tissue tassels. Hopefully this can be done by Friday so It is done by the weekend. 

  2. Fathers Day gifts. Father's day is this WEEKEND. I still have not purchased gifts for the dads in my life! So behind schedule. Having two birthday parties so close together is so hard. 

3. No eating out.  I guess to be specific, no eating out at work. I need to actually make my shakes the rest of the week for breakfast and pack some lunch for the week. I spend way to much on eating out during the week so it is time to reel it in! 

Happy Tuesday! 

My talented friend Cynthia of Cynthia Warden Photography took the pictures of Makaio last week! I can not wait to get the rest of the images back! 


  1. These pictures of Makaio... so cute! Yay for blogging more. That's one of my goals this week. No eating out is a goal of mine as well. Keith and I hit up the DTSA farmers market last week & we've been doing well. Gotta save money! Good luck with your goals, Andrea.

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