Curious Makaio's First Birthday

Makaio turned one!
We had a birthday party for him a few weeks after his actual birthday, 
Having kids with their birthday's two weeks apart is tough guys. 
Especially when you love to throw a party for every occasion like I do. 

I rarely get a chance to take pictures of my parties, simply because on the actual day of parties I am pretty much a lunatic who is walking around all day like a chicken without its head. 

I am so grateful for my friends who always have my back and help me out with setting up, cleaning up and TAKING PICTURES. 
I promise to return the favor when y'all have your own kiddos! 

Just a warning-there are A LOT of pictures in this post. Sorry, but not sorry. 

We (and by we I mean ME) decided on a "Curious George Circus" theme. 
The little guy is obsessed with that monkey so it was perfect. 

My friend Christina made the cute little birthday banner with the "big tops" on it. 
She shipped it all the way from Germany for me, and it was perfect for the cake table! 
( She has a cute little Etsy shop, and makes fun custom banners!) 

I knew I wanted to do the usual first birthday thing- one picture for every month of the first year. 
Except I did not fully think it through. 
I printed the pictures I posted on Instagram at Costco 
because they are amazing and do 5x5 prints now! 
Then I just put them on some scrapbook paper and taped- yes taped with packaging tape
 (because I am the worst) onto some circus themed ribbon I had purchased. 
It was last minute but totally worked and I was pretty happy with it. 

My sister got Makaio this adorable circus-esque  cake from Sam's club. 
Yes, Sam's club. They do tiered cakes now! 
It was fun and colorful and delicious. 

My little man looked so adorable in his Curious George shirt. 
 That I also put together last minute.

I saw so many cute shirts/first birthday outfits on Etsy that were Curious Monkey themed, 
But I just didn't have the time for it to get here. I waited to long to try and order one. 
Boo me. I was still pretty proud of what I came up with. 

It was a beautifully sunny and scorching HOT day. 
I believe it was like 90 degrees ALL DAY. 
I had some water balloons for the kids to play with to keep cool. 
I am super paranoid about wasting water with this drought we are having and all. 
However the kids needed the cool down. So I convinced myself that it was a valid use of water. 

Who wants cranky, sticky, hot kids at a birthday party. Not I! 

Yup. Made that boy some matching shorts to go with his shirt! 

I think Maka's favorite part of the day was getting to sit in that rubbermaid container,
 when it was filled with water. 
Typical kid. Mom and dad through him a huge party. 
He is perfectly content just sitting in a tub of water. 
Not even a real tub, a storage container. 

I had grand plans of having "booths"  like a carnival and having a game 
in each one with prizes and stuff for the kids. 
Then life happened. I did not get around to it, but the things we did have were a hit with the kids. 

Jumpers are always a win with everyone.
I don't understand children, it was a million degrees  out and they still had the time of their lives jumping around in sauna like jumper. 

I loved this "big-top" tent from Ikea!

My friend Christina (diff. Christina-not banner Christina) lent us her Jumbo Jenga 
( aren't you proud of me Christina I stopped calling it adult Jenga!) 
That is always a hit. I have borrowed it enough that I need to just make my own. 
End of summer goal. 

Daddy Kai made a cute little Curious George cutout for our guests to take pictures with. 
It was a hit. Anytime we have photobooth the kids (and adults) love it. 

We tried getting some pictures of the family with birthday boy. 
He was not about it. Not at all. 

We also did the piñata thing. 
Makaio was ready for a nap so he was not so interested in the piñata happenings. 
He tried and hit it a few times so A+ for effort little guy. 

Look at those savages knocking each other down for candy. 
What you don't see in this picture is the rush of adults that were heading 
to participate in this candy mosh pit. 

They did this with zero shame. 
It's the mexican candy, it makes them crazy. 

My lovely Bella girl, who I am so proud of. She is doing so good with sharing the spotlight with her brother. She is the #1 DIVA, so this is a big step for her. 
She enjoyed spoiling her brother with attention on his special day. 

I got to see friends! I miss my friends, we are all so busy these days with 
life and jobs that make us travel. 
It was nice to see everyone. 
My friends are a huge part of my kids lives so my heart was so happy. 

 Makaio's godmother got him some drums for his birthday. 
He is in love. This boy is going to be a musician I know it. 

Love these little cherubs. I could kiss them all day. 

In addition to the circus cake, this little guy got his own personal smash cake. 
As one year old babes often do. 

He completely destroyed the one we gave him on his actual birthday, 
and this cake suffered the same fate. 
Baby Hulk smashed that cake. It had no chance. 

Sheer joy. Look at the utter joy on that boys face. 
All the cake. He wanted it all. 

He got the cake everywhere, It was glorious. 

Look. at. those. lips. 

After all of that cake came a quick shower in his Nana's kitchen sink and a fresh set of clothes. 
(Making this his 3rd wardrobe change for the day) 
As soon as we got him changed and a gave him a bottle he was out for a little mid party siesta. 

Hey there cutie with your little man bun. Love. 

The nap did not last long. 
He could hear all of us continuing on with the party and he needed to join in. 

After most of our guests left,he finally got a chance to take a picture
with the cutout. 

It was adorbs. Duh. 

The party was so fun but so exhausting.  I loved being able to see my friends and family. 
Birthdays are the best excuse to get together which makes me so happy. 

Kyle, Isabella, Makaio and I are so blessed to be loved by so many and surrounded by so much joy. 
While having two birthday parties SO close to each other was a challenge and draining I am really glad that I have a full year off. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me with decorating, setting up, food prep, taking pictures 
and cleaning up. 
It truly takes a village, and I am so grateful for mine. 

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