Weekly Wishes Week 4

We had another beach day this weekend! 
Isabella terrorized her brother per usual. 

We went to Dockweiler Beach in LA to celebrate my friend Karissa's birthday! 
She always does such a cute job of making simple get together's so fun and festive. 
It was nice to catch up with friends I don't get to see everyday/week! 

The kids loved it, our friends are very much family so they feel at home anytime we go to any get together. They all do a great job of including them. Makaio finally got some time with Auntie Kadie! 

It was a little to much for Kai and Makaio though, they passed on the beach! 

Excited to join in on Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective

Last weeks goals:
1. Love more. Yell less. I have definitely reminded myself on a daily basis about this. I have learned that  doing this is HARD. VERY VERY HARD. However yelling less has  been very rewarding. I have had amazing conversations with my daughter. This will be a daily goal forever I think. 

2.  Spring Cleaning.  This was a half success. I cleaned out all of Makaio's closed and got them sorted and packaged up to send to two different friends. Now I need to conquer my daughters. 

3. Sign up for school. Kind of. I did not finish my registration, however I did take care of the balance I  had with the school. This was preventing me from enrolling so I am glad this is out of the way. Next step is meeting with a counselor.

My Goals this week:
1.  Make alone time for Kai and I. We get caught up in kids and work and just being plain exhausted! It would be nice to do something like take a walk on the beach or have dinner alone with no phones and no work! Just some time to just focus on us. 

2.   Cut my soda intake!  I have been drinking soda like CRAZY. It seriously an issue. I did so well for a year and rarely even touched soda! Now I am addicted. Starting today I need to seriously kick that habit. 

3.  Follow through with school. I paid my balance now I have to follow through and make an appointment and actually go to said appointment with a counselor. The entire process feels so daunting, however I know it will be so rewarding when I am actually done! 

I can not believe it is Thursday! I seriously have been falling behind on all of to do's!


  1. Hi Andie! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Just wanted to come over and say how ADORABLE your kids are! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Good luck and much success on your school-thing. It is sometimes harder than actual fun but in the end it is soooo rewarding!!

  3. You're children are so adorable. I love that first photo. I'm happy your kinda/are accomplishing your goals. Love the soda goal. Good luck!


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