One day in, and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The last few weeks reality had set in that I was going to be 25 and I was terrified.

7 years ago (ouch!) when I turned 18, I had all of these plans on where I was going to be when this day came, who I was going to be and what life was going to be like. So much of that had not happened, and I had been beating myself about it.

But after a long talk with a close friend, I realized that despite how I was feeling, I had accomplished so much. I have been blessed with an amazing partner and together we have two amazing kids and are making a pretty sweet life for ourselves. I am so lucky to be surrounded by great friends and family who support me and all of my crazy ideas.

I still have a lot of the same goals I did at 18 and am just taking a different road to get to them. I'm trying to look at life like it is more than a long To-Do list. To enjoy the ride and cherish each moment because it is all passing by so fast.

Here's to making 25 amazing, and to not feeling so terrified when 26 rolls around!

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