Welcome 2016, Adios 2015!

Boop. 2015 is GONE! That happened so fast. 
It was a big year for us. Lots of happiness and lots of tears. 
It was a growing year, I learned a lot about myself and what I can handle. 
Makaio has turned into a little human who talks and yells and drives me insane. 
Isabella is blossoming it to the sweetest little girl, who just might need to check that attitude of hers. 
Kyle and I have big plans for 2016! 
I have not made a ton of resolutions this year, just plans. 
I am not one to actually stick the resolutions I make so I don't know, still trying to decide if  I want to go that route. 

I was scrolling through Buzzfeed last night and came across a post that was titled " Would you survive 2015 again" and I sat there and was like, duh but ughhhh no way. 
It was so challenging emotionally but I am grateful for it. It has helped shift my mindset and get me to where I am today. Get  me to the point where I am ready to move mountains and change certain things. 

So Cheers to 2016 and getting shit done! And Adios to 2015, you were great but I am so over you. 

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