Weekly Wishes Week 4

We had another beach day this weekend! 
Isabella terrorized her brother per usual. 

We went to Dockweiler Beach in LA to celebrate my friend Karissa's birthday! 
She always does such a cute job of making simple get together's so fun and festive. 
It was nice to catch up with friends I don't get to see everyday/week! 

The kids loved it, our friends are very much family so they feel at home anytime we go to any get together. They all do a great job of including them. Makaio finally got some time with Auntie Kadie! 

It was a little to much for Kai and Makaio though, they passed on the beach! 

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Last weeks goals:
1. Love more. Yell less. I have definitely reminded myself on a daily basis about this. I have learned that  doing this is HARD. VERY VERY HARD. However yelling less has  been very rewarding. I have had amazing conversations with my daughter. This will be a daily goal forever I think. 

2.  Spring Cleaning.  This was a half success. I cleaned out all of Makaio's closed and got them sorted and packaged up to send to two different friends. Now I need to conquer my daughters. 

3. Sign up for school. Kind of. I did not finish my registration, however I did take care of the balance I  had with the school. This was preventing me from enrolling so I am glad this is out of the way. Next step is meeting with a counselor.

My Goals this week:
1.  Make alone time for Kai and I. We get caught up in kids and work and just being plain exhausted! It would be nice to do something like take a walk on the beach or have dinner alone with no phones and no work! Just some time to just focus on us. 

2.   Cut my soda intake!  I have been drinking soda like CRAZY. It seriously an issue. I did so well for a year and rarely even touched soda! Now I am addicted. Starting today I need to seriously kick that habit. 

3.  Follow through with school. I paid my balance now I have to follow through and make an appointment and actually go to said appointment with a counselor. The entire process feels so daunting, however I know it will be so rewarding when I am actually done! 

I can not believe it is Thursday! I seriously have been falling behind on all of to do's!

Weekly Wishes Week 3

We took Isabella to see Cinderella this weekend. She insisted on dressing the part.
It was so great to get some alone time with her. 
Sharing the spotlight has been tough for her  since little brother came along. 
(Our friend Maria and Isabella outside of the Lego store in Downtown Disney)
I am truly blessed with the best girlfriends, and one of them came out with us and made Isabella 
feel like such a little princess.  

(Daddy and Princess Isabella on a coffee date. These two melt my heart)

The movie was great! Is it horrible that I want to go see it again?
Richard Madden as prince charming...swoon....

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Last weeks goals:
1. Work out. Yes! I did not work out as much as I wanted. Really all I did was some arm exercises in the mornings before i left to work and some squats before I got into the shower. However, it  is more than I did the week before so I was pretty content with myself. 

2. Get it together. Kinda. I laid out my outfits the night before, but that was pretty much it. I need to wake up earlier. That is really what it comes down to. 

3. Work on my desk.  Did not happen. I did narrow it down to two different colors that I would like to paint it. Black or white. Some sanding got done, but no significant progress.  This week will be better. 

My Goals this week:
1. Love more. Yell less. Our days are long and busy with work and errands. I find myself most days cursing how fast it all happens and how exhausted I am. However I am not the only one that is exhausted, my daughter is tired, my partner is tired, my mom is tired, and me rushing our day along and hurrying everything up is unfair and selfish. This week I want to practice patience and work on remembering that everyone is dealing with something, they don't need me adding to it. 

2.  Spring Cleaning. The kids and I have outgrown so much of our clothes and it is just floating around the house. Moving from spot to spot. This week I want to focus on cleaning all of that out and giving away the clothes that is still in good shape! Their clothes is seriously taking over the house. It is a problem. 

3. Sign up for school. I keep talking about going back and finishing. I need to just do it! If i get it together this week I can get registered for a class or two this summer. 

Let's see how good I am to sticking to my goals this week! 

Beach Day!

This past Sunday, Kai and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary and decided we wanted to lay low and enjoy it with the kids. We are planning a weekend getaway in a month or so, so we figured spending this special day of ours with the kids relaxing at the beach would be nice. I am normally not a fan of the beach. For years I have hated it, simply because living in Orange County means every summer our beaches are packed to the brim with tourist-which is fun-but finding parking AND a spot on the beach is nearly impossible ESPECIALLY with two kids. However I told myself that it is time to simply get over it and start having fun with it. 

This was Makaio's second time at the beach, the first time he was teeny tiny so he didn't do much other than sleep. To say that he LOVED it would be an understatement. That boy has a love for the  ocean running through his veins just like his daddy. He showed no fear and started crawling straight to the water! He also apparently was really interested in finding out what sand tasted like. 

The beach was pretty empty and the weather was beautiful. We had a great few hours of fun. Isabella has always been really weary of the beach-hates the texture of the sand and the ocean freaks her out- so it was nice to see her following her little brothers lead and enjoying the beauty of it. 

This year I made a promise to myself that I would get our family to be more active and try to do more outdoor activities. I want my kids to have beautiful memories of doing things like going to the beach, camping, hiking, etc. This was a good start to that.

Right before we started packing up to head home we saw a pair of dolphins swimming so close to the shore. It was such a fun things for Isabella to see and it brought me peace. 

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner so I am making  a list of fun things to do with the kiddos! 

Weekly Wishes Week 2

(We went to the beach this weekend and saw a dolphin! Not sure if you can see the tiny little fin in the distance!) 

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Day light savings, blows. 
I am so excited for the sun to still be out when I get home from work, 
but seriously getting out of bed this morning was HARD. 
Trying to get my 5 year old out of bed this morning 
was even harder. 

Last weeks goals:

1. Get Organized. This kind of happened. I had a day off during the week and I was able to go through the mess in the room and organize toys and clothes. Still a lot to be desired though. 

2.Go to the Gym.  Nope. Just Nope. DID NOT HAPPEN.  

3. Make Bedtime less stressful. If getting everyone into bed before 10:00 Mon to Fri counts , then yes. However PJ's were still no where to be found, and bed time stories were not read every night. 

My Goals this week:

1. Work out. Ok so trying to make it to the gym 3 days during the week was a tad ambitious. By the time the kids are in bed the last thing I want to do is change into gym clothes & drive 10 miles to the gym. So I want to make it my goal to do some type of physical activity at least 3 times a week. I have little 5lb weights at home so maybe I will do some arm exercises with those, or walk around the block, do some squats or yoga. Anything. Just move more than the week before. 

2. Get it together. As in look put together and run on time. I need to stop pressing snooze. Get up and actually look decent (hair did, nails did, makeup did) before leaving. This will probably mean pulling our outfits out the night before and packing breakfast. Which means going to bed a little later, but I really think this will have a positive effect on my mood and productivity. 

3. Work on my desk. A few weeks ago a neighbor of mine was throwing out this awesome desk. I was heading to work and saw her putting it on the curb. I turned my car around and brought  that baby home! I have been meaning to start sanding it down and giving it the love that it needs, I just have not made time for it. This week I will make time. It has so much potential!

This weekly goals this really makes you think about how fast a week goes by! 
Hopefully I do a  better job of meeting my goals this week! 

Hanging with the babies

I got to hang out at home with my kiddos all day yesterday, and man oh man have I missed being home with them. I enjoy my job, but there is nothing like getting to be home with your kids. Weekends just aren't long enough, and the evenings are so busy and happen so fast. 
It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy it all. 
Most mornings are usually rushed, and filled with "Hurry up!",
 "We are going to be late" and "where are your shoes!!!", 
so staying in and cuddling with these two cuties & starting our morning slow
 was definitely what this momma needed. 

Makaio is so active now! Before we know it he will be walking. I can not believe how fast this year is going by. Yesterday we learned that he REALLY likes corn on the cob.
He is a master at yelling "Dad, Dad, Dad"! Not much love for mom yet. 
Coming back to work today was so hard. But hey, it is hump day! 
Saturday is just around the corner!

Weekly Wishes Week 1

Excited to follow Christina's lead and join in on Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective

My goals for the coming week might be a tad ambitious, but hey dream big right?

This week it is my goal to:

1. Get Organized. Our bedroom is a complete disaster, clothes that the kids have out grown are in bags all over the place and decorations and gift bags from Makaio's baptism (that was 2 weeks ago!) are still laying around. Need to do some deep cleaning. I believe that if my personal space is cluttered so, my mind will be also. 
2.Go to the Gym. I have been saying since January 1st that I was going to go back to the gym and start my routine. Blah Blah. Still has not happened. This week I will make it my goal, to go at least three times. 
3. Make Bedtime less stressful. This probably goes hand in hand with numero uno. Bedtime is crazy at my house. Kids screaming and running wild, PJ's are never where they are supposed to be. Lotion goes missing, can't find the "perfect" bed time book so my daughter is flipping out. It is stressful, for everyone. Hopefully this week I can make it go smoothly and have it actually be a relaxing part of our night. 

Maybe putting this out there for me to see in writing will make me stick to it.

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