Weekly Wishes Week 3

We took Isabella to see Cinderella this weekend. She insisted on dressing the part.
It was so great to get some alone time with her. 
Sharing the spotlight has been tough for her  since little brother came along. 
(Our friend Maria and Isabella outside of the Lego store in Downtown Disney)
I am truly blessed with the best girlfriends, and one of them came out with us and made Isabella 
feel like such a little princess.  

(Daddy and Princess Isabella on a coffee date. These two melt my heart)

The movie was great! Is it horrible that I want to go see it again?
Richard Madden as prince charming...swoon....

Excited to join in on Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective

Last weeks goals:
1. Work out. Yes! I did not work out as much as I wanted. Really all I did was some arm exercises in the mornings before i left to work and some squats before I got into the shower. However, it  is more than I did the week before so I was pretty content with myself. 

2. Get it together. Kinda. I laid out my outfits the night before, but that was pretty much it. I need to wake up earlier. That is really what it comes down to. 

3. Work on my desk.  Did not happen. I did narrow it down to two different colors that I would like to paint it. Black or white. Some sanding got done, but no significant progress.  This week will be better. 

My Goals this week:
1. Love more. Yell less. Our days are long and busy with work and errands. I find myself most days cursing how fast it all happens and how exhausted I am. However I am not the only one that is exhausted, my daughter is tired, my partner is tired, my mom is tired, and me rushing our day along and hurrying everything up is unfair and selfish. This week I want to practice patience and work on remembering that everyone is dealing with something, they don't need me adding to it. 

2.  Spring Cleaning. The kids and I have outgrown so much of our clothes and it is just floating around the house. Moving from spot to spot. This week I want to focus on cleaning all of that out and giving away the clothes that is still in good shape! Their clothes is seriously taking over the house. It is a problem. 

3. Sign up for school. I keep talking about going back and finishing. I need to just do it! If i get it together this week I can get registered for a class or two this summer. 

Let's see how good I am to sticking to my goals this week! 


  1. Your photos are adorable!!!! SO cute!! I loooooove your goal to love more and yell less - easier said than done, but love the reminder that everyone is dealing with something! :) good luck on your goals this week!

    1. Thank you! Yes It is easier said than done. Hopefully with practice it will just be something that I do without thinking!

  2. I'm with you on spring cleaning! I'll be moving to a different province soon, so I need to get rid of stuff so we don't have to move as much. I also love your goal to love more. I think this is just a good life rule that everyone should follow. Good luck with your goals this week Andie!

  3. Looks like Bella had a blast. Super sweet. I like your goals for this week. I hope you can accomplish them!


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