Weekly Wishes 7

This weekend was exactly what I needed. My little guy turned one on Friday. We had a birthday breakfast at home for him before Kai and I went to work. It was so nice to spend the morning together celebrating our boy. Later in the evening we went out for pizza and cake with his godparents. It was fun and happy times until he pooped all over me and ruined a perfectly good sweater. Oh the joy's of parenthood. 

Goal setting is definitely a priority this summer. There a ton of projects I want to accomplish so my weekly list should help with that! 

Last weeks Goals:
1.   Blog more.  I did blog one more time last week and worked on a few different posts for the next few weeks. So I would say I did accomplish this!  

  2. Organize. Yes! I made a budget and listed the decorations i have left to make/purchase. Now I just need a day of schedule and to actually get the goods I ordered in so I can finish making the decor! 

3. Snail Mail.  Nope. I was unable to get to this, however I plan to get the fathers day cards out by tomorrow.  

My Goals this week:
1.   Put together birthday decor.  I need to make tissue poms, birthday hats & tissue tassels. Hopefully this can be done by Friday so It is done by the weekend. 

  2. Fathers Day gifts. Father's day is this WEEKEND. I still have not purchased gifts for the dads in my life! So behind schedule. Having two birthday parties so close together is so hard. 

3. No eating out.  I guess to be specific, no eating out at work. I need to actually make my shakes the rest of the week for breakfast and pack some lunch for the week. I spend way to much on eating out during the week so it is time to reel it in! 

Happy Tuesday! 

My talented friend Cynthia of Cynthia Warden Photography took the pictures of Makaio last week! I can not wait to get the rest of the images back! 

Succulent Saturday

This past weekend Kai and I finally took a trip out to OC Succulents. I had been wanting to go for a few weeks  months now. However with him working Saturday's almost every week and well having a baby who is demanding and walking around in the heat, I just kept putting it off  until we were able to go together. 
So grateful that Kai wrangled the kiddos while I looked around!

They had awesome reviews on Yelp and I had been itching to get some new succulents and check out their air plant collection. 

I loved the bright blue stones! Reminded me of little lily pads in water. 

My friend Karissa got me on this air plant kick, she got a few for her wedding bouquet this last November and I fell IN LOVE. However the selection at OC Succulents was underwhelming and a little bit pricey. I am going to order some on etsy next month and see how that goes. 

These are my forever favorite

I first fell in love with succulents about 4 years ago when Kai and I moved into our first place and we picked some up at Home Depot. A plant I couldn't kill was what I was looking for! And guess what? 4 years later, I still have the same plants and they have made plenty of babies for me! 

Miss Bella,  eager to be my model for the day. 

At first the selection was a tad overwhelming for me. Since well, of course I didn't  arrive with a plan I wasn't quite sure where to begin. 

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly! And Isabella had a blast running between the tall tropical plants they had out. 

I ended up just picking up a few plants since I wasn't sure when I would have the time to sit down and put a few new arrangements together. Next time I go I will probably already have the pots I plan to fill chosen out and painted so I know what colors/style/size I need to buy.  One of my summer goals this year is to actually sit down and put together some nice arrangements for the front yard. It is part of plan/determination to spend more time outside with the kids on the weekends. I am thinking of buying some books on succulent arrangements. I KNOW it isn't rocket science, but I am always inspired by other peoples work and pictures so I think it will be a nice addition to my library. 

This coming Sunday should be slow for us so I plan on planting the few I picked up on Saturday then! 

Weekly Wishes 6

Umm, wow, it has been 2 months since I did a weekly wishes entry. 
I kept telling myself every week that I would get to it, then it would be Thursday or Friday and would 
just figure, "heck it is to late in the week, I will do it again next week!" 
Then that lovely cycle would continue week after week. 
It feels good to be back at it! Hopefully I can keep it going consistently again! 

This weekend was a busy one. We paid a visit to our local succulent nursery and stocked up on some new plants and we also  attended a graduation celebration for my baby cousin! 

We also had a photo session for Makaio's FIRST birthday! I  can not believe my boy will be one on Friday. 

Joining in on Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective!  
*Apparently this ended at the end of April. Clearly I have not been keeping up. Oh Well! Still planning on keeping up with a early week goal setting session! *

My Goals this week:
1.   Blog more. I need to blog at least two more times this week. Maybe making a schedule or something will help. I know the more consistently I post, the sooner it will become second nature. 

  2. Organize. My son's birthday party is coming up at the end of this  month, and I really need to organize my projects and budget for it. This way I am not up until 2 am the night before working on things! 

3. Snail Mail.  Father's day is around the corner, I need to make sure to pick some cards up and mail out the cards from the kiddos to their uncles & grandpa's. Also need to get out a mini care package to my cousin for her birthday! 

I figure for the first week back at it, I won't set to many goals.
Ease back into it!

Happy Monday! 
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