Weekly Goals I

This weekend was a weekend of DIY'ing for our little family. 
Isabella was in need of a desk so I stalked Craigslist for a few days and found
this adorable little desk just like the one's Kai and I had when we were in school. 
It needed some big time loving. 

And even though it was 100 degrees in SoCal this weekend (yay Fall!) , we still had a lovely time working on it all together as a little family. Even the littlest little joined in for a few minutes. This was right before he insisted on sitting in a bucket of water and just staring at us sweat.

I have been so busy with the start of the school year. I am back in school along with Isabella starting first grade and it has taken us about two months to adjust.
It seems like we are getting the hang of it. 
Setting weekly goals really helped me this past summer when I was sticking to it so I think I want 
to make it a priority again! 

Here are my goals for the the week! 

1. Costumes: being half way through October, you would think that I would be half way done
with the costumes. Wrong. I need to make serious progress on these by the end of the week, 

2. Fitness: I need to get it moving moving again. This week I want to try and do at
 least 3 mini yoga sessions. 

3. Routine: Keeping a routine is so important! When I do it my week goes by so smoothly. So why don't I do it more often? Umm, probably just laziness.This week I need to make sure the family sticks to a nightly routine. I have way to  much homework to get done to be bargaining with my 6 year old over bed time. 

So that's it. Simple and attainable-I hope. 

Happy Monday! 

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