Succulent Saturday

This past weekend Kai and I finally took a trip out to OC Succulents. I had been wanting to go for a few weeks  months now. However with him working Saturday's almost every week and well having a baby who is demanding and walking around in the heat, I just kept putting it off  until we were able to go together. 
So grateful that Kai wrangled the kiddos while I looked around!

They had awesome reviews on Yelp and I had been itching to get some new succulents and check out their air plant collection. 

I loved the bright blue stones! Reminded me of little lily pads in water. 

My friend Karissa got me on this air plant kick, she got a few for her wedding bouquet this last November and I fell IN LOVE. However the selection at OC Succulents was underwhelming and a little bit pricey. I am going to order some on etsy next month and see how that goes. 

These are my forever favorite

I first fell in love with succulents about 4 years ago when Kai and I moved into our first place and we picked some up at Home Depot. A plant I couldn't kill was what I was looking for! And guess what? 4 years later, I still have the same plants and they have made plenty of babies for me! 

Miss Bella,  eager to be my model for the day. 

At first the selection was a tad overwhelming for me. Since well, of course I didn't  arrive with a plan I wasn't quite sure where to begin. 

The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly! And Isabella had a blast running between the tall tropical plants they had out. 

I ended up just picking up a few plants since I wasn't sure when I would have the time to sit down and put a few new arrangements together. Next time I go I will probably already have the pots I plan to fill chosen out and painted so I know what colors/style/size I need to buy.  One of my summer goals this year is to actually sit down and put together some nice arrangements for the front yard. It is part of plan/determination to spend more time outside with the kids on the weekends. I am thinking of buying some books on succulent arrangements. I KNOW it isn't rocket science, but I am always inspired by other peoples work and pictures so I think it will be a nice addition to my library. 

This coming Sunday should be slow for us so I plan on planting the few I picked up on Saturday then! 


  1. I want to go there! I need some air plants in my life!

    1. Yes! Let's go once you have settled back in to life at home!


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