Weekly Wishes Week 5

So I have totally fallen behind and become a slacker in life. These last two weeks have kicked my butt. There has been so much personal stuff getting me down. One of my closest friends is entering a very challenging time in her life and it something she needs for personal growth and health, and  in talking to her about her situation I have reflected on my own. Life is crazy, it is insane how you can feel so on top of the world one moment and the next completely defeated.  I am at a crossroads with so much at the moment, work, school, friends & love.  I am choosing to surround myself with lots of light and love this week to get me back to a happier place.  

Celebrating Easter with my family and the kids was a great way to start. We had a blast hanging at my parents house, cooking great food and catching up. The kids loved their baskets and I loved seeing their happy little faces when they were going through them. We didn't make it to mass which made me a little sad, so I am definitely going to try and make it this weekend. I know that will help shift the mental state I am in. 

 Excited to join in on Weekly Wishes over at The Nectar Collective
I think having set goals to get done by Monday will be helpful. This funk is no bueno.

Last weeks goals (well 2 weeks ago!):

..  Make alone time for Kai and I.Not really. We got alone time but it wasn't time to focus on us, we were busy getting things together for kiddos. So this is def. still a priority for this week! 

2.   Cut my soda intake! Yes! I really have not had much soda other than Easter Sunday and well today. I need to just tell myself no more across the board so that I break the habit. 

3.  Follow through with school.Ugh, no! They were on spring break so nobody was there for me to schedule anything. 

My Goals this week:
1.   Get my groove back. Get to the gym, kiss the babies and Kai like crazy, cook a yummy meal. Meet with a friend. ANYTHING to help me. 

  2. Finish sewing projects. I have to baby gifts i have been meaning to work on and I have yet to actually get it done. I have the fabric time to get sewing! Especially because one is for a baptism this weekend! Yikes!   

3. Tend to my succulents. They are growing like crazy and overflowing from their current containers, so I need to give them some love and move them/separate them this weekend. 

4.  Write some letters. I need to send my pen pal a long letter apologizing for my neglect! Also I want to get a packet together for my girlfriend who will be spending some time away from home for a bit while she works on her. 

I hope this weekend brings about healthier and happier times!


  1. Andie, these are great goals for the week. They all sound like goals that will make you feel wonderful. I hope you get time to do them all :)

    1. Thanks Kayse! I hope so too. I feel great today! The weekend is upon us which means sunshine and sleeping in!


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