Hanging with the babies

I got to hang out at home with my kiddos all day yesterday, and man oh man have I missed being home with them. I enjoy my job, but there is nothing like getting to be home with your kids. Weekends just aren't long enough, and the evenings are so busy and happen so fast. 
It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy it all. 
Most mornings are usually rushed, and filled with "Hurry up!",
 "We are going to be late" and "where are your shoes!!!", 
so staying in and cuddling with these two cuties & starting our morning slow
 was definitely what this momma needed. 

Makaio is so active now! Before we know it he will be walking. I can not believe how fast this year is going by. Yesterday we learned that he REALLY likes corn on the cob.
He is a master at yelling "Dad, Dad, Dad"! Not much love for mom yet. 
Coming back to work today was so hard. But hey, it is hump day! 
Saturday is just around the corner!


  1. Aw, it's nice that you got to spend time with your babies. I love how much Bella loves her baby bro. I hope they continue to love each other when they grow up!

    I don't blame Makaio for liking corn on the cob... yummm.

  2. I hope they always have that love for each other too! It was a much needed mental health day.

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