One day in, and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The last few weeks reality had set in that I was going to be 25 and I was terrified.

7 years ago (ouch!) when I turned 18, I had all of these plans on where I was going to be when this day came, who I was going to be and what life was going to be like. So much of that had not happened, and I had been beating myself about it.

But after a long talk with a close friend, I realized that despite how I was feeling, I had accomplished so much. I have been blessed with an amazing partner and together we have two amazing kids and are making a pretty sweet life for ourselves. I am so lucky to be surrounded by great friends and family who support me and all of my crazy ideas.

I still have a lot of the same goals I did at 18 and am just taking a different road to get to them. I'm trying to look at life like it is more than a long To-Do list. To enjoy the ride and cherish each moment because it is all passing by so fast.

Here's to making 25 amazing, and to not feeling so terrified when 26 rolls around!


  1. Love this, Andrea. The "to-do list" is a good analogy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

    1. Thank you thank you!! Love you. Thanks for the kick in the butt to get me to blog/journal!

    2. ;)

      Can't wait to help you with your layout!

  2. Hey!
    I really like your Blog :) Nice Photos! Do you want to support each other
    and follow via GFC? But only if you like my Blog too. Lets stay in touch :)

    Greetings Sophia xx

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